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    We aren’t just looking for clients, we are looking for potential partners. We want to grow and move forward together with our clients, covering all their marketing needs.

    247 is a team of professional specialists who have a huge amount of experience behind them.

    Creating a project in 247 is the key to the success of any business. We expect an exceptional level of service and aspire to be key contributors. Our experts use technology and tools to create the best designs for you

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    lead attraction service

    we work in all social networks, as we cover various target audience groups

    how do we operate?

    We work ‘hands-on.’

    We believe that the human factor is our key advantage. Quality depends on it.

    Sales Academy

    We carefully segment and target our chosen audience for maximum impact. 

    A key indicator is the person’s interest in making a purchase immediately. Such an approach transforms each of our scouts into a ‘sales academy’ graduate.


    Sales consultancy service 

    As a result, advertising campaign statistics or a list of phone numbers become your selected course of action. This way, we conduct a presale, preparing for sales

    email newsletters

    We don’t conduct mass spam mailings; we carefully verify who the scouts send to Key factor: behaviorMain goal: Targeted action with a potential client (e.g., appointment, meeting, call)

    checks and guarantees

    We diligently verify the worth of each lead, as payments are made only for qualified leads

    Verification factors:Interest indicatorsAbsence of duplicatesThe reality of leads

    stages of cooperation

    continuity with each lead typically takes approximately one week.

    Group 4

    Needs Identification:

    • Zoom meeting
    • In-person office meeting
    • Creating a brief
    • Discussing all lead generation processes
    Vector (2)

    Development and Approval
of a Custom Proposal:

    • Creating a presentation with outcome planning
    • Integrating lead generation with the sales department
    • Preliminary performance calculation based on the brief
    Vector (3)

    Payment for Services:

    • Signing the agreement
    • Managing all financial processes (“subscriptions” for lead generation)
    Vector (4)

    Launch Preparation:

    • Account creation
    • Assembling the team and establishing communication between scouts and the company’s sales representatives
    Vector (5)

    10-Day Test Period:

    • Testing and fine-tuning processes
    • Detailed analysis of the results achieved
    Vector (6)


    • Developing a new sales proposal considering adjustments after testing
    • Discussing financial changes and ensuring workforce support
    Vector (11)


    • Making final adjustments to lead generation processes
    • Establishing communication between clients, sales representatives, and 24/7 scouts
    • Creating a final results tracking system

    Providing comprehensive customer support.

    checks and guarantees

    we carefully assess the value of each lead because you only pay 
for hot leads.

    Verification factors:

    indicators of interest

    Absence of Duplicates

    Lead Realism

    our prices

    our lead generation service:

    Within this payment, we guarantee the delivery of 100 leads within 2-3 weeks.
    The volume of leads is determined after conducting test work to achieve the expected conversion rate within 2-3 weeks.
    The cost of each target lead (call/meeting) can vary from 40 to 500 AED depending on the chosen niche


    We are ready to share with you our many years of experience working in the markets of the CIS countries, the EU, the Middle East, and the USA in the fields of e-commerce, real estate, investments, and other premium segments.

    individual approach

    Our philosophy of lead generation is based on an individual approach. We work with target audiences and distance ourselves from any personal bias. The focus of our attention is only on those who have a desire to use your services/purchase your product directly

    orientation towards results

    The motivation system in our agency is built solely on stable results – attracted leads. Comprehensive checks minimize the risk of failure to a minimum

    Our services

    We are a full cycle marketing agency. What does it mean? That we can solve all your marketing questions.

    Our task is to make life easier for you and your business, we can deal with your project from start to finish. Branding, websites, SEO, SMM, Facebook and Google advertising, marketing strategy and audit.


    We develop designs of any complexity: logos, brand books, printing, advertising layouts.


    Development of high-quality websites of any complexity on a turnkey basis at an affordable price.


    We set up advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and support you during all advertising campaigns.


    marketing, the purpose of which is to attract, retain customers and sell on social networks

    Audit and strategy

    If you open a new direction or decide to enter a new market, we can analyze it and write a strategy for you.


    We can do your PR promotion. Communication and publication in the media, SERM, prepare a plan for interactions and events and implement.

    Audit and strategy

    If you open a new direction or decide to enter a new market, we can analyze it and write a strategy for you.


    We can do your PR promotion. Communication and publication in the media, SERM, prepare a plan for interactions and events and implement.

    We present for you

    our work

    We demonstrate real cases that were created for
    various business areas.

    Join our ranks

    join over 50 companies, which grow with 247 agency

    How do we make a business successful?

    We show you the main stages of our work that help make your business profitable and successful!

    success progress


    *Based on feedback from our customers

    Professional team

    We have real experts in their field, ready to realize any task.

    Decision Analysis

    Our experts analyze each project and help you choose the best solution.

    Work for the result

    We work until you are satisfied with the result. And after completion we help with the project

    Competitor Analysis

    Creating hypotheses and studying existing solutions

    quality work

    Our work meets all international standards and has a high level

    full cycle of services

    We will be your assistant in all matters related to marketing.

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